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Who we are

GreenCrowdFunder is a crowdfunding platform which supports innovative environmental projects.

In 2016, Pierre Biraben and Alan Tawil-Kummerman, both passionate about entrepreneurship, took up the challenge of alternative economics and created GreenCrowdFunder, a digital platform for CrowdFunding (shares and bonds) to support the development of quality projects in the environmental field. These "senior entrepreneurs" identify “green” projects, help structure them, assess their various risks, and then invite investors to finance them. Veronique Sala joined Pierre and Alan to broaden the scope of GreenCrowdFunder’s communication strategy.

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His universe: Entrepreneurship and new ideas.
His role: Assist companies to take the next step.
His hobby: Motivating young people.
His passion: Finding ways to launch new platforms


His universe: International finance and development.
His role: Corporate business models and the launch of new businesses.
His hobby: Human relations.
His passion: The outdoors


Her universe: Launching projects.
Her role: Communication Strategy.
Her hobby: Coaching.
Her passions: Sports and Writing